Capral Sliding doors        
                  Made in Melbourne

Sliding Windows & Doors

889 series door in Bronze powder coat finish

When trying to maximise viewing area, whilst still providing access there is no better choice than sliding windows and doors.

Audsley uses the Capral designed AGS 900 Series* frame. This style is excellent at supporting large door constructions sizes and still providing high performance weathering capabilities and low air infiltration when closed.

Doors can be made 3 meters high and 2.5 meters wide. If you have requirements to make larger doors, we can also customise the system to acheive your designs.

Introduce more light and fresh air into your home, cafe or office without compromising on security. Interlocking mullion stiles join together to provide increased strenght and locking capabilities. This style supports sliding security and standard screen doors, applications suit;

  • Restaurants, bars and cafes
  • Show rooms
  • Living/Family room extensions
  • Patio door replacement
  • Appartment balconies
  • Swimming pool enclosures

Glazing Options

Single glazed 6/6.38mm - 8/8.38mm - 10/10.38mm
Double glazed 18mm - 28mm

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