Product Finishes

Aluminium can have nearly any colour applied to it, with long lasting, near maintenance free results.

Powder Coat

Powder coat finishes are produced using a dry-powder applied electrostatically, then cured at high temperature to form an even hard wearing cover, tougher than standard paints. Different thicknesses and top coats can be applied to suit any environment.

Types of Powder Coat finishes:
Solid colour - 100's of different colours to cater for any project.
Decorative - Coatings which give the appearance of timber, stone or custom images.

To see all the colours available in powder coat finish please visit
  • Dulux Powdercoatings

  • Anodising

    An anodised finish is produced by increasing the thickness of the natural oxide layer occurring on the aluminium, through this process a dye can be added and many different colours and patterns produced. Anodising increases aluminium's natural corrosive resistance, hardens the exterior layer improving wear ability, provides good colour stability and will not chip or peel.

    Types of Anodised finishes:
    Clear Anodised - Gives the natural yet modern sliver look of aluminium.
    Coloured Anodised - Gives a metallic finish in various colours.
    For a comprehensive look at the colours available in an anodised finish please visit
  • Australian Aluminium Finishing (AAF)

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