Glazing Options

There are many different choices when it comes to glass. Double glazed, toughened and laminated just to name a few. lets give you a few examples to help you decide what glass is best for your windows.
Before we continue it should be noted that Audsley Windows follows the guidelines set out by Australian Standards AS1288-2006 Glass in buildings.

Double Glazing

Double Glazed windows have been used in Europe for its thermal benefits, it provides the best protection from heat loss.
Essentially a double glazed window consists of two separate pains of glass with a gap between them. Specialist glass manufactures produce self contained, vacuum sealed units. Some aluminium window styles can be fitted with two glass pains.

Laminated Glass

laminated glass, also known as safety glass, is produced by mending two pieces of float together with a clear sheet of adhesive in the centre.
This can not only increase its strength but also stops the glass falling out of the window or door if it is broken. Great for area's with heavy traffic and kids.

Toughened Glass

This form of glass has been used by the automotive industry for quite some time. It is normal glass which has been re-temperured to add to its strength. Commonly found in entrance doors and large shopfront windows to provide better security, it can with-stand a much greater level of impact than float or laminated glass.
Due to its increases strength via the re-tempering process, if broken entire pain shatters into very small granular pieces, improving is safety aspect as well.

Toughened Laminated Glass

As you can imagine, toughened laminated glass provides the best of both worlds, being able to with-stand strong impacts, but still holding together in place.

Float Glass

Float glass has been around since the 1972, and most windows used in residential properties are made using float glass, because it has the lowest cost.

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