Windows Styles

Powder Coat Bronze U-Channel Semi-Frameless
Awning Window

Traditional windows, hinged at the top opening outwards. Can easly replace exsisting windows to still match the look of the surrounding building.
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Casement Window

Trumax by Truth Hardware - available in Australia courtesy of Joinery Products Looking for a large window that offers maximum ventilation whilst still being secure.
Audsley Windows are licensed manufacturers of TruMax casement windows
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Bay Window

In a traditional sense a bay window is made up of 3 sections protruding from the structure of the building to provide the viewer from it a 180 degree view of there surroundings.

Double Hung Window

Opposed to the traditional single hung the Double hung style window has two pains which overlap in the center, making it possible to either have the top or the bottom of the window open, or a smaller gap left at both the top and bottom. This allows better control of the rooms temperature so that either hot air can be released Also available is a semi-frameless style double hung system produced by Anneeta which can be fitted within our window frames.

Frameless Window

Giving the appearance of a frameless finish, this window style appears to blend into it surroundings. The installation of a U-channel section fitted inside the surrounding structure allows the window to stretch from wall to wall and floor to ceiling.

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Trumax by Truth Hardware - available in Australia courtesy of Joinery Products Louvers have come along way, and now nearly any look can be archived given the material used to construct the louver blades Audsley uses a system developed be industry leader Breezeway.

You are allowed to use your own designs, Architecturally drawn or standard size windows, Speak with to find out more.

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