Why You Should Consider Custom-Designed Windows?

Why settle for standard when you can ​customise your windows​ to suit any shape, size or position in your home or office? Custom windows have many benefits – here are some of the most vital ones that you should know about. Soundproof windows in Melbourne provide an effective solution for reducing noise pollution in your home. Many homeowners in Melbourne are choosing soundproof windows to enhance their living conditions.

Custom sizing

You can add a window to a unique area through custom sizing. You can expand or cut down custom windows to fit the desired location and shape of the space. This versatility allows you to install custom windows practically anywhere in your home.

Increase the value of your home

Custom windows hold higher value when selling your home. Unlike standard store-bought windows, custom-made windows offer a distinct look and feel due to their careful craftsmanship, as opposed to being mass-produced. Homeowners, with the assistance of a hired professional, carefully considered every decision regarding custom windows and doors.

Better design options

Standard windows have limited design options but a custom made window offers a wide range of options and choices. You have the freedom to choose the colour, the design you love and the materials to be used. You can also ask for a design that could match your home’s interior.

Soundproof windows not only block external noise but also improve energy efficiency. If you’re tired of constant noise interruptions, soundproof windows in Melbourne are the perfect investment.

Control Features

Custom windows and doors give you more options to make your home more practical and user-friendly. For example, you can design your custom windows with special glass or hardware for boosted security or sound insulation. Custom windows and doors can also easily be made to better withstand the harsh weather, depending on where you live and your needs. Integrated home automation can be added to make your windows and doors truly smarter, automatic openers and electronic door controls can be added and positioned where you need them.

Energy efficiency

Installing custom windows offers the most obvious benefit of energy efficiency. By choosing a custom set of windows, you can select the glass and frame type that meets your specific energy ratings. You can opt for low-E glazing, a thicker airspace between the panes, or upgrade to a triple pane design. This significantly boosts energy efficiency, especially with the new 7-star energy ratings coming into effect this year, and it is particularly advantageous if your current windows are over 10 years old.

Professional installation

Our in-house team of qualified personnel measures, designs, and installs. We ensure you get the look and detail that suit the style and complexity of your design.

This is something that Audsley Windows is especially good at matching the design intent of your new build or to make sure that the replacement windows look just as good if not better than your old ones.

Therefore, considering their benefits, installing soundproof windows in Melbourne is a wise choice for a quieter and more peaceful environment.

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