designs, constructs and installs aluminium architectural windows & doors ​using Australian made Capral aluminium.​ All are made to order, in any colour, glass or frame type with a turn-around time of approximately 2-3 weeks.

Architectural & Custom-Designed Doors & Windows

Why settle for standard when you can ​customise your doors​ to stand out from the crowd. Audsley Windows​ is able to produce ​doors of any size, shape or position​, that work in a range of new and existing settings. Aluminium can also be curved and shaped into many different designs.

Customize your windows to match your style.


Windows and doors manufactured in aluminium​ are the smart choice for our Australian environment. Aluminium is more resistant to extreme heat and UV, warping, twisting or sticking when subjected to the elements and also doesn’t absorb water, rot or rust and is virtually maintenance-free. In addition, aluminium is strong and provides a much better defence against would-be intruders.


Allowing in both natural light and ventilation, windows come in a huge range of shapes, styles and sizes. We’ll help you ​select the best windows​ to suit your build and to create just the right atmosphere for each room. If produced with optimal materials, windows also provide an excellent way to control the internal temperature.


When it comes to doors and entryways, strength and visibility are two of the most desirable attributes. Our ​aluminium doors​ provide great security whilst still being aesthetically pleasing.


Consists of two panes of glass with a gap between, optimising the distance between the panels provides great thermal or sound insulation benefits. We assess each project, based on your requirements to give you the most efficient glazing solution for your budget. Audsley windows double glazing comes standard Argon gas filled for increased thermal performance.


Aluminium can be finished in almost any colour and will be long-lasting and almost maintenance free.