Bi-fold Doors

Bi-fold vs. Stacker Doors

Both popular styles for Australian property owners, bi-fold and stacker doors have been a welcome addition for many years. If you are in the process of building a new property or renovating your existing one, you may be considering the various styles of doors to choose from. Thankfully, the Melbourne based team at Audsley Windows is here to assist. Below we have put together a helpful guide on bi-fold doors and stacker doors.

What are bi-fold doors?

Bi-fold doors are made from a series of panels which will slide open and fold up against each other when opened. Sometimes referred to as folding sliding doors, bi-folds are popular for those wanting to open up a space and take advantage of the area. For example, being able to open up to an outdoor entertainment area but still close it when needed. Bi-fold doors may be manufactured in a range of styles and from various materials including aluminium or timber.

Benefits of bi-fold doors

Many benefits come with bi-fold doors. A few key advantages of bi-fold doors include:

  • Offering additional flexibility, bi-fold doors provide you with the best of both worlds. Open up your space and welcome in natural light and airflow when open or create a closed-off and private space when required.
  • Take advantage of outdoor living. Bi-folds help create the ultimate outdoor entertaining area
  • Low maintenance

Aesthetically pleasing & suitable for all property styles

What are stacker doors?

A similar concept to bi-fold doors, stacker doors operate by using two panels which slide behind a single fixed pane. One panel will essentially slide past the next, prompting them to interlock with each other and slide towards the fixed pane together.

Benefits of stacker doors

Stacker doors offer many of the same benefits that come with bi-fold doors such as flexibility and helpful when it comes to creating an open space. Some other advantages of stacker doors include:

  • Their streamlined appearance is a sleek and stylish addition to any property
  • Aluminium stacker doors are perfect for controlling the temperature & airflow

With smaller panels compared to sliding doors, stacker doors give you control over how many panels are opened

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