Awning Windows

Casement or awning windows?

Popular for offering a sleek design, casement and awning windows have been a top choice among many Australian homeowners for years. With their modern aesthetic and many useful features, it does not come as a surprise why countless property owners opt for these window styles If you are in the middle of deciding whether to use casement or awning windows for your home, then the team of Audsley Windows in South Oakleigh is here to help you. With our team of experts, we have compiled a short comparison between casement and awning windows to guide you in making the best choice.

Casement windows

Most casement windows are designed to open from either the left or the right side. Excellent for spaces where proper ventilation is needed, casement windows are an ideal choice for the bathroom and the kitchen. Aside from providing ventilation, many casement windows also come with multiple locking systems. With a feature such as this, any homeowner will feel safe and secure.

Advantages of casement windows

Casement windows come with several benefits. Some of the many advantages of having casement windows at home include excellent ventilation, open view, superior security and ease of operation.

With casement windows, homes will get the much-needed ventilation for spaces that need it the most. For example, they are great choices for the kitchen to prevent your home from smelling after cooking meals. Casement windows are also an excellent addition to your bathroom since they help with air circulation.

Because of their design, casement windows offer an open outside view. You don’t have to worry about your security because windows such as these come with a unique locking mechanism to keep you safe. Best of all, casement windows are easy to operate and clean.

Awning windows

While casement windows open from the side, awning windows are hinged on the top and swing outward to open. Like casement windows, large awning windows are a top choice for the kitchen and the bathroom. However, more Australian homeowners opt to use awning windows for their sitting rooms or living spaces. This is because these types of windows not only provide great ventilation but also welcome natural light.

Benefits of awning windows

Awning windows provide more or less the same benefits that casement windows offer. Apart from those mentioned, large awning windows come with have some other advantages too. One of these is that they can be kept open even during rainy days. Since awning windows open from the top, there will be a lesser risk for water to enter the home.

Able to be locked in an open position, awning windows are the perfect option when you want more ventilation without having to worry about your safety at home. Since large awning windows can be used for any space, most Australian homeowners prefer awning windows for their flexibility.

How Audsley Windows can help

For all your windows needs, Audsley Windows should be your first choice. Established in 1989, we are steady partners for homeowners who require windows that suit any architectural style. Would you like to know more about the casement and large awning windows range available from Audsley Windows? Browse our complete range of windows today or get in touch with our Melbourne team for all enquiries.