Louvre or frameless windows?

For Australian homeowners looking for window designs offering great ventilation and unimpeded view, deciding between louvre and frameless windows is a tough choice. Both with aesthetic and sleek designs, louvre and frameless windows are popular choices for many homeowners requiring maximisation of spaces and ventilation.

If you are caught in the middle of deciding which window design is perfect for your home, then Audsley Windows in South Oakleigh is here to help. With our team of experts, we have put together a short comparison between louvre and frameless windows to help you gain a better perspective and assist you in making the right choice.

Louvre windows and their benefits

Louvre windows, or simply louvres, are composed of parallel planks or blades fixed in frames. Louvre window planks and frames come in a wide range of materials, including glass, acrylic or wood. This makes louvre windows Victoria versatile and customisable to suit every homeowner’s style preference and design choices. Aside from their versatility, louvre windows also offer ease of access as they can be opened or shut using a single and effortless manual operation.

Many homeowners in Australia opt for louvre windows because of their flexibility and design. Louvre windows come in different materials, so homeowners find it easy to customise them to suit their property’s overall aesthetic. Best of all, louvre windows Victoria provide great ventilation with adjustable window planks or blades, which can be opened or shut depending on the climate or temperature.

Frameless windows and their advantages

Popular for their modern touch, frameless windows remain one of the top choices of window designs for most homeowners in Australia. This does not come as a surprise since frameless windows maximise home spaces to their fullest. By taking away the frames, frameless windows also offer a completely unhindered view, which adds to the overall aesthetic of any structure or space. Many homeowners also believe that frameless windows help their houses look more spacious and offer a fresher look.

Unlike louvres, frameless windows are permanent and non-adjustable. But, with the sleek finish that comes with frameless windows, most Australian homeowners consider this minor setback a small price to pay.

Why Audsley Windows is a great choice

Over the years, Audsley Windows in South Oakleigh has become a top choice for homeowners requiring window designs perfect for any architectural style. Trusted by many, Audsley Windows is your perfect partner for any of your household louvre windows Victoria needs. For more questions on our louvre and frameless windows range, you can get in touch with our friendly team in Melbourne today or visit our website for a complete range of our products and services.