The U-value of windows explained

When it comes to having new windows installed to your property, there are many important aspects to consider. Yes, you want your windows to look great and meet a particular aesthetic—but there are also practical factors which should be considered such as the u-value of the windows, window glazing and whether you are meeting recommended energy efficiency ratings.

Here at Audsley Windows, we are the experts when it comes to all things windows and we would like to share this knowledge with you. To learn more about window u-value ratings and window glazing requirements, have a read of our helpful summary below.

What is u-value?

The term u-value is typically used to measure how readily a window conducts heat and overall, the insulation properties of a window. u value windows Victoria helps us identify the rate by which non-solar heat loss or gain occurs and therefore, the level of heat which is transferred through a window. The u-value or Uw measures the conductivity of the entire window—so this means both the glass and the window frame. The lower the u-value number, the better the insulation.

U-value & climate conditions

There are recommendations in place which assist property owners and builders to identify the most appropriate u value windows Victoria and glazing requirements for achieving better energy efficiency. The climate zone you are located in will be helpful when deciphering the windows most suitable for your property. For example, a property in the Northern Territory and another in Tasmania aren’t going to be suited to the same kinds of windows because of the very different climate conditions.

Window energy efficiency & u-value

By ensuring a property has been properly fitted with windows which meet the recommended ratings in terms of u value windows Victoria, a better level of energy efficiency can be achieved. This will mean heating and cooling costs may be cut, occupants will get to enjoy better climate-controlled settings and carbon footprints can also be reduced.

In recent years, new window glazing and framing materials have helped to further improve the energy efficiency of windows. Under the Building Code of Australia, window manufactures must produce window products which meet a set of mandatory specifications which help to ensure better energy efficiency.

How Audsley Windows can help

By making use of Australian-made Capral aluminium frames, our team creates and installs an extensive range of window products to suit varying needs. Here at Audsley Windows, everything we produce meets standards in place to ensure u-value ratings are met by all properties we work with. For further details on any of our window services or to arrange a quote, be sure to get in touch with the experts at Audsley Windows in Oakleigh today on 03 9543 3911.