Window trends to look out for in 2021

Whether you’re building a new home or renovating your existing property, it’s essential you consider which windows will best suit your needs and style preferences. Here at Audsley Windows, we specialise in creating a wide range of stunning architectural features including Commercial windows and doors—our skilled team can also integrate the latest technologies, such as home automation features, into our window services. Commercial windows and doors play a crucial role in enhancing the energy efficiency of a building by minimizing heat transfer, thereby reducing utility costs and environmental impact.

To help you form a better understanding of the latest window trends and technologies available, experts have put together a helpful guide below.

The latest window trends & technologies to expect in 2021

Not only do windows play a practical role in increasing ventilation and letting in natural light, but they can also be used to completely invigorate the look of your property and transform the atmosphere both inside and out.

As technologies continue to evolve, we are beginning to integrate them into our homes to make life easier. A few popular window trends to look out for over the coming months, particularly in regards to the latest technologies include:

  • Home automation –

Imagine being able to close or open your awning by the flick of a button? These days, this is very achievable! Motor-concealed wall switches mean that your new awning will look sleek and sophisticated, and you can also control it with ease. Here at Audsley windows, we regularly install a range of window automation systems for awnings, louvre windows and much more.

  • Locking systems –

Specialised locking systems mean you’re now able to use your smartphone to lock or unlock your doors and windows. Have you ever left home only to be left worrying that you’ve forgotten to lock the door? Or perhaps a family member needs to drop by, but no one is home. Thanks to the latest locking system technologies, it’s now possible to lock and unlock doors externally and also allow access to certain people when required.

Bespoke windows for your property

If you’re wanting to make a bold statement in 2021, a custom-designed window option will likely be your best bet. Don’t settle for a standard product when you can potentially make the most of bespoke windows which are designed to meet a range of size and shape requirements. With more property owners across Melbourne looking to take a unique approach with their renovation projects, bespoke windows will likely lead the way when it comes to window trends in the coming months.

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